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Jane Like Me

On the Front Lines with the Warriors for Reproductive Justice

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About Mitchell Warlick

From helping to save the Amazon Rain Forest to exposing the West’s war machine, Mitchell Warlick has advocated for the environment and indigenous peoples of the world, fought for peace, and stood up to oppressors as they attempt to subjugate women and minorities. For 25 years Warlick has provided investigative materials to support the work of real journalists.
From 1997 to 1999, Warlick organized indigenous tribes in the Amazon and helped their voices be heard while corporate invaders were attempting to turn the pristine rain forest into a parking lot.
Living and working with the Caboclo and other tribal leaders Warlick amplified the voices of those whose interests were being ignored; and worked to thwart efforts to clear-cut old growth forests for pipelines and corporate development.
During the U.S. global war on what it calls “terrorism” Warlick unearthed evidence of fraud in claims of WMD in Iraq. Warlick also investigated allegations of abuse and torture of political prisoners in the Middle East, establishing a pattern of what was later referred to as “extraordinary rendition”.
Following the police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Warlick began to organize and participate in marches against state-sponsored police brutality during which he was shot at, beaten by cops, and teargassed repeatedly.
Raised by a single mother, Warlick learned that even strong women are disadvantaged in the patriarchal society – it is one of the things that has led him to a life of activism through challenging stereotypes and power imbalances present in the male-dominant culture.
Warlick has now taken on a new project – “Jane Like Me: On the Front Lines with the Warriors for Reproductive Justice” – a documentary project that will tell the story of how the U.S. Supreme Court is usurping the rights of individuals to control their own bodies.

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